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Stikkan, the smuggler, is a hero in Asgard's Wrath.


A mysterious dark elf who goes by the name of "Stikkan". This cynical opportunist claims to be in the "important/export business", a euphemism he uses for the theft and trafficking of stolen goods. He claims to have traveled across the Nine Realms.

Official artwork of Stikkan

Signature Weapon[]

  • Hraenathra - Stikkan's trust weapon is an exemplar of elven craftsmanship.

Hero gear[]

Items that are unique to each hero. Weapons and armor are introduced through the story and upgraded linearly by crafting with Sidri and Brokk in the tavern. After crafting various individual armor pieces, each hero has 1-2 final armor sets with immunity to certain effects.

Stikkan Gear.jpg
  • Dark Repeater Crossbow (Quest Reward then Crafting)
  • Shield of Nidavellir (Labyrinth Reward then Crafting)
  • Wealthy Merchant, immune to freeze (Crafting)
  • Master Thief, immune to lightning (Crafting)


  • Can use dual swords to transfer energy from one floating ring to another. A chain of energy between the swords connects them when each sword is thrown to separate rings.