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Side Quests[]

Beyond the main sagas there are numerous side quests that can be completed. The main category for sidequests are:

  • Target Challenges
  • Huldufolk Riddles
  • Ancient One Challenges
  • Valkyrie Arenas
  • Yggdrasil Flowers

Target Challenges[]

  • Occasionally there will be colored shields hanging in the environment, painted with a particular weapon. If you strike the shield with the correct weapon several more will spawn and a countdown timer to hit the remaining shields begins. Hero items OR enemy dropped items can be used to fulfill the challenge if the weapon is the appropriate type.

Torch Challenges[]

  • Occasionally there will be a set of unlit torches. Upon lighting one, a timer will begin as a countdown to light the remaining. Lighting them all in time may require leveling up your stamina for multiple dashes and planning your route.

Huldufolk Riddles[]

  • Throughout the Nine Realms elves known as Huldufolk will offer a riddle. If given the correct item based on the riddle, they will reward you with a golden needle, which is used for increasing inventory pouch capacity.

Ancient One Challenges[]

  • After an area has been completed, heroes can return to the newly revitalized area. Enemies will be stronger, chests will be reset, new chests will appear, and newly unlocked abilities and heroes may help access previously locked locations. In addition to this, Ancient Ones, who are large tree creatures, will spawn in significant locations and offer you a challenge of defending the immediate area again, but against stronger enemies. After completing the final Ancient One Challenge, the player will be rewarded with a special weapon as a gift.

Valkyrie Arenas[]

  • Each main saga includes one Valkyrie arena. In order to unlock the arena the hero must progress enough through their story and level up their gear. In order to participate a Hogni's Heart must be offered. The hearts can be bought from Sidri and Brokk, after the first is found during the second saga. Arenas offer continuous waves of enemies, with a mini boss spawning at enemy 25, and about every 10 enemies afterwards. As a reward, players are giving their respective eitir (ruby, sapphire, emerald, or amethyst for saga's 2, 3, 4, and 5 respectively. In addition, arenas are a source of mini boss drops such as heads, hearts, intestines, and eyes.

Yggdrasil Flowers[]

  • The World Tree has several flowers around it. By offering 5 Yggdrasil seeds, a permanent buff to all your characters can be added. There is one quest that offers Yggdrasil seeds as a drop and all others must be gathered from avenging fallen heroes. Take not of purple totems around the game, as a sign that another player died there and can be avenged.

The World Tree Codex[]

  • Found over the fire in Aegir's Tavern, the World Tree Codex automatically updates with all the new information discovered by the player, including summarizing the player's history as well as the heroes, locations, enemies, artefacts, etc encountered while exploring. At various percentages of completion the player is rewarded with various crafting items and hacksilver. Enemy entries include a list of common drops.
A World Tree Codex entry

The World Tree Codex

Forgotten Heroes[]

  • One chapter in The World Tree Codex is for four forgotten heroes. These are heroes that are passed away by the time of the player character, and can be learned about by discovering their golden relics, each hero having a particular signature item, throughout various side quests. Each person's relic must be found multiple times to learn their whole story and complete their entry in The World Tree Codex. Forgotten heroes include: Magnhild the bounty hunter, Hus the builder, Lasknir the herbalist, and Viggo the trap master.