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Runa is a humanoid animal follower that can be recruited by the hero.

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Runa is a raven of the Brawler class. "A sly assassin who strikes from the shadows. She can hide you in plain sight."

Ravens are loyal to the Allfather, and so it is no surprise to have found Runa in a prison built by Thor, beloved son of Odin. Runa seems to actually relish bloodshed, and harbors a surprising capacity for lethal mayhem. Her favorite food is eggs.



  • Talent: Feather Cloak. "Point at an altar of skulls and Runa will reveal hidden threats."
  • Weapon: Dual scythes.
  • Combat ability: Assassinate. "Unblockable strike with a chance to kill." (Chance of causing instant kill.)


Runa can be recruited at Skadi's Island in Jotunheim.