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Risi, the half-giant, is a hero in Asgard's Wrath.


Risi comes from the race of giants, or jotnar, who hail from Jotunheim. They were banished to their realm by the Aesir, who rose up against their giant forefathers and seized power.

Official artwork of Risi

Signature Weapon[]

  • Hraustiglr - An ingenions creation, designed by Risi himself

Hero gear[]

Items that are unique to each hero. Weapons and armor are introduced through the story and upgraded linearly through Sidri and Brokk in the tavern. After crafting various individual armor pieces, each hero has 1-2 final armor sets with immunity to certain effects.

Risi Gear.jpg
  • Storm of Hraustligr (Quest Reward then Crafting)
  • Sledge of Hrungnir Club (Quest Reward then Crafting)
  • Aegishjalmur Shield (Labyrinth Reward then Crafting)
  • Child of Ymir, immune to Poison (Crafting)
  • Sinara's Augur, immune to fire (Crafting)


  • Can use hand to shoot golden pillars with diamond shaped light, exposing various floating orbs. Subsequently shooting the floating orbs pictured on the inside of the golden pillar, before time runs out, will unlock new areas.