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The story of Asgard's Wrath is divided into several sagas centered around a mortal hero. Each saga is broken into smaller quest lines as well as optional and rewarding labrynths that can be completed.

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Saga 1: Sea of Serpents[]

The player character finds themselves at sea surrounded by wrecked boats and sees Rognvald, a human warrior, attempting to fend off a Kraken. In god form, the player engages in a hand-to-hand battle with a kraken in order to aid Loki, who then becomes the player's mentor and asks the player character to aid other heroes in various quests.

Realm: Midgard

Saga 2: God of War[]

Ingrid's village has been sacked by Tyr and his army. She needs the god powers of the player character to seek vengeance for the death of her brother.

Midgard 1.jpg

Realm: Midgard

Line 1: Stormborn Beach
Line 2: Borgarhalt Fort
Line 3: Borgarhalt Village
Labyrinth: The Unmarked Tomb (access by returning to the beginning of Stormborn Beach, all the way up the stairs and to the left)
Labyrinth: The Abandoned dungeon (access in Borgarhalt Ravine, after passing the god altar, and on the right)

Saga 3: Gates of Nilfheim[]

Frodi, a blind priest, requests the help of the gods to prevent an invasion to Midgard from Niflheim.

Midgard 2.jpg

Realm: Midgard

Line 1: Midgard Highlands
Line 2: The Great Belfry
Line 3: Midgard Gate
Labyrinth: Virgin's Labyrinth (Access in Highlands, using god mode to press both yellow eyes of large statue)
Labyrinth: The Forgotten Sanctum (Access in Great Belfry, approaching large chamber door after god altar, go down hallway to the left)

Saga 4: Souls of the Frozen[]

Stikkan, a mysterious dark elf in the "import/export" business, requires help moving his boat along the river in Niflheim. In exchange, he promises to help the player character locate Brisingamen, a necklace owned by the goddess Freya.

Niflheim 1.jpg
Niflheim 2.jpg
Helheim Map.jpg

Realm: Niflheim and Helheim

Line 1: Gjoll, River of the Dead
Line 2: Hel's Old Keep
Line 3: Hvergelmir Passage
Labyrinth: Dark Passage (access at Inner Sanctum using a chain to climb to the top of the middle tower)
Line 4: Hel's Citadel
Labyrinth: Halls of the Dead (access at...)

Saga 5: Exiled to Jotunheim[]

Risi meets the player character while imprisoned on Jotunheim. The two must work together to escape.

Jotunheim Map.jpg
Jotunheim Map 2.jpg

Realm: Jotunheim

Line 1: Skadi's Island
Line 2: Valley of Jotnar
Labyrinth: Asgardian Basecamp (Access at...
Labyrinth: Valley of Trials (Access at Encampment, taking path on the right. Use platinum demon horn to banish Beli guardian)
Line 3: Ruins of Utgard

Bonus: Aegir's Tavern[]

Rognvald, the viking from the opening scene has passed away and found himself in "Valhalla" (so he thinks). As he explores the god sized shelves and bar of Aegir's Tavern, he continues his adventures as a great warrior. Rognvald's quests are smaller than the other heroes and located completely within the tavern.

Asgard Map.jpg

Realm: Asgard

Line 1: I might be Small
Line 2: Aegir's Secret Elixir
Line 3: Aegir's Best Brew