Huldufolk quests

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  1. SNORRI - Hunt me something delicious to eat, the tastiest part is above its feet! - Raw Bird Meat
  2. TOKI - I need something small, round, and white, watch out, or its mother may put up a fight - Egg
  3. AKI - Poison is something we huldufolk hate, bring me a plant that will make us feel great! - Antidote Herb
  4. RUNI - Go get me something to make me perspire, one little taste will set my bell on fire! - Spicy Herb
  5. HALLI - I want to make Vigi the perfect stew, but I need something earthy/brown that's good for you too! - Shroom
  6. OLLE - I demand heads! ...I hope you know what I mean... Bring me something that's leafy and green! - Baby Cabbage
  7. FINN - I need something that gets quite cold, they're blue and small and grow like mold! - Frostshroom
  8. BAGGI - Orange below with leaves up top, what I need is a favorite of creatures that hop! - Carrot
  9. BO - I need something that grows in the dark below rocks, they're really quite usefull, but they smell like old socks! - Musty Herb
  10. FLEMMING - I need something from the cool, morning mist, dark, round, and sweet, they're hard to resist! - Dew Berries


  1. VIGI - What I need is dark and lands with a thud! It's found in the ground and in blood! - Iron Ore
  2. DAG - What I need looks very yummy, but eating them always hurts my tummy! - Dark Berries
  3. TOFI - I need something cold and white, it's quite refreshing, soft, and light! - Snowy Herb
  4. ARI - What I need may be tough to find, it's harder than rock and must be mined! - Diamond Ore
  5. HELGI - Bring me something! From the dirt and dark it shall rise! Mwahahaha! if you eat it you'll meet your demise! - Deathshroom
  6. ARNI - I need something to make into pants, you can get it from cows but never from plants! - Leather Scraps


  1. BJARNI - I need something with flavor that's out of control, their delicious taste awakens the soul! - Wild Berries
  2. KNUT - I need something that can give me a zap, they're small and they grow with a cute little cap! - Boltshroom
  3. ROFFE - I need something green to munch, its stalk is long and I love its crunch! - Celery Stalk
  4. EBBE - Peeew! I reek! My smell won't let me think! Please! I need something! to quell my awfull stink! - Fragrant Herb
  5. KORI - What I need will make you pucker and cry, but its orange little fruit will catch your eye! - Sour Berry
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