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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Asgard's Wrath. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[]

Asgard's Wrath is a traditional, full length RPG game with exploring, fighting, puzzles, crafting, and quests. The game was one of the first to bring a high quality AAA gaming experience to virtual reality. It includes about 30 hours for the main story and major side quests, and about 60 hours for a completionist playthrough.


By holding the select button on your left Touch Controller, players can open the menu to toggle between useful tabs:

  • Tutorials - Replay tutorials shown throughout the game
  • Recipes - Look here to review crafting recipes as you explore the gameworld
  • Inventory - Manage your pouch, hold the "grip" button when pointing at an item to hold it. Close the inventory with B.
  • Quests - Review your list of main quests, side quests, and challenges. Press X to track a quest to see markers towards the objective.
  • Settings - Toggle visual settings, gameplay difficulty, among other things
  • World Map - Review your progress in each location. You can teleport to any location at any time, which also forces a save.
  • Exit - Exit and save the game. To save without a quick travel or check point totem, this menu button should be used.
Main Menu.jpg

Button Controls[]

  • Right Analog - Control the direction you are viewing with snap turning
  • Left Analog - Control the walking of your character
  • A - Press to interact (when prompted), press to stomp (when stationary), press to dash (when moving)
  • B - Press to go back when in any menu (in menu), press to direct follower, hold and point at follower to open follower quick select
  • X - Press to open belt quick select, to remove favorited items from inventory without pausing the game
  • Y - Press to enter god form. You must be in visible sight of your god avatar, which is only located above god altars.
  • Right Grip - Press and hold to grab items, from the floor or from a menu
  • Left Grip - Press and hold to grab items, from the floor or from a menu
  • Right Trigger - Press when holding a crossbow or staff in right hand to fire projectiles
  • Left Trigger - Press when holding a crossbow or staff in left hand to fire projectiles

Motion Controls[]

  • When holding an edible item, bring it to your mouth to eat/drink
  • When holding an item, bring it to your chest/stomach to place into inventory pouch
  • When holding an edible item, toss towards follower and release grab button to throw. They will eat it
  • Hold the trigger and grab button of either hand (with thumb not touching buttons) and raise hand to give thumbs up to follow
  • Hold trigger, grab button, and touch thumb to A/X button to make a fist to fistbumb follower
  • Release all buttons and swipe at followers hand to high five
  • Hold grab button with hand near chains, wheels, cranks, etc and move in appropriate direction to manipulate them

Tips and tricks[]

Collecting Materials:

  • Pressing "A" causes the hero to stomp, breaking nearby containers and causing loose items to bounce into the air.
  • Swiping plants with a weapon causes them to be immediately picked and added to your inventory

Expanding Pouch:

  • Huldufolk are elves that can be found periodically around the nine realms. Each offers a riddle, and in return for offering the correct item awards the player with a Golden Needle. Golden Needles are used to increase the number of objects you can carry in your pouch.
  • When you run out of space, return to the tavern at the next save point to sell or stash your loot
  • The chest, near Alodia can be used to store items you do not want to sell or might craft with later

Collecting Animal Parts

  • When given the chance to transform a new animal, after your first transformation you can return to the same location to repeatedly destroy the animal for its crafting material.

Follower Areas

Siggi using his "lick" talent to grab a key stuck behind bars.
  • Many areas require followers that are unlocked later in the main story. Take a mental note of locations marked by:
  • Skeletons Hanging In Cages (Egil)
  • Fire Traps (Hulda)
  • Wind Turbine (Astrid)
  • Large Moveable Block (Steinar)
  • Golden Relic (Sigrid)
  • Wooden Log and Pedestal (Bjornhild)
  • Objects Behind Bars (Siggi)
  • Death Statue (Runa)
  • Crystal Growth (Rolf)
  • Ironwood Growth (Fafnir)

Hero Areas

  • Some areas require heroes that are unlocked later in the main story. Take a mental note of locations marked by:
  • Soul Pedestal (Frodi)
  • Pair of floating circles with purple energy (Stikkan)
  • Golden pillars with diamond shaped lights (Risi)

Special Areas

  • Keep a torch in your inventory so it is easier to complete torch challenges or light explosives
  • Some walls look partially broken and can be blown away by lighting an explosive (kept in the weapon tab of your pouch) and throwing it at the wall.

Statue Faces

  • Occasionally you will find large statues with an open mouth. If you walk near, a purple outline of an animal will shine in the mouth. The animal is usually reasonably near and if placed in the mouth will grant you a reward. A statue may have a series of animals to add, eventually remaining permanently shut when you have extracted all the rewards possible.
Statue Face.jpg