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There are five mortal heroes players can control in Asgard's Wrath.

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God of Animals[]

"Birthed in an explosion of ice and fire, you found yourself on the Bifrost, where a radiant portal beckoned you. You arrived at a sea of destruction..."

Manipulate the world, create followers, possess mortal heroes

Unlike other RPGs, the heroes are not the player's in-game avatar. Instead, the player character is a demigod who takes control of various hero characters throughout the main story by possessing them. While possessing them, the player character aides them in their quests by providing god powers in addition to the hero's own abilities.

The player can also explore the worlds in their god form, which allows the player to find or manipulate things that a hero could not.

Mortal heroes[]

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Fallen heroes[]

When players die, there is a chance that other players may discover them as "fallen heroes" appearing as purple apparitions at the location of their defeat. Players can then accept a challenge to avenge the fallen heroes. Yggdrasil seeds, used at The World Tree, are awarded upon successfully completing these challenges.

When a player dies, they appear in other players game as fallen heroes that can be avenged.