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Frodi is a hero in Asgard's Wrath.


Former member of a hermetic highland society charged with protecting the Great column of Midgard. when it was discovered that Frodi secretly practiced forbidden soul magic as a means to defend Midgard, he was cast out of the brotherhood forever.

Official artwork of Frodi

Signature Weapon[]

  • Vinsaga - Frodi's treasured staff, carved from the woods of the ash and elm trees. When wielded by an adept practitioner, it can be used to harness souls for the purpose of powerful soul magic. It also serves as a convenient walking stick.

Hero Gear[]

Items that are unique to each hero. Weapons and armor are introduced through the story and upgraded linearly by crafting with Sidri and Brokk in the tavern. After crafting various individual armor pieces, each hero has 1-2 final armor sets with immunity to certain effects.

Frodi Gear.jpg
  • Mistslayer Sword (Quest Reward then Crafting)
  • Master Summoning Orb (Quest Reward then Crafting)
  • Snow Shield (Labyrinth Reward then crafting)
  • Dragon Sorcerer Armor, immune to fire (Crafting)
  • Dark Lord Armor, immune to poison (Crafting)


  • Can use staff to absorb souls from dead enemies or soul pools, and shoot them at special pillars to unlock new areas.