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Followers are humanoid animal warrior companions that can be recruited to aid the hero in Asgard's Wrath. They can fight alongside the hero and have special abilities needed to solve many of the game's puzzles.

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List of followers[]

Name Animal Class Talent Fighting style Ability Recruited
Egil Shark Brawler Breach Dual swords Corkscrew Stormborn Beach
Hulda Turtle Defender Barrier Mace and Shield Provoke Stormborn Beach
Astrid Eagle Ranger Wind Gust Bow and Arrows Wing Flip Borgarholt Fort
Steinar Bull Defender Charge Hammer and Shield Gore Midgard Highlands
Sigrid Owl Ranger Finder Crossbow Rainfall Great Belfry
Bjorhild Bear Guardian Toss Bardiche Avalanche Gjoll, River of the Dead
Siggi Frog Lancer Lick Spear and Shield Focused Strike Gjoll, River of the Dead
Runa Crow Brawler Feather Cloak Dual scythes Assassinate Skadi's Island
Rolf Wolf Brawler Howl Dual battle-axes Bite The Old Keep
Fafnir Dragon Guardian Fire Starter Greatsword Incinerate Valley of the Jotnar


Followers happiness affects their ability to forage for items. To boost happiness:

  • High Five/Fist Bump Follower after defeating enemies or finding an item
  • Feed follower
  • Make use of their "favorite food"

Followers lose happiness when:

  • Ignored trying to high five/fist bump
  • Keeping them at low health
  • Deaths
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