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There are a number of different types of enemies in Asgard's Wrath.

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Standard enemies[]

Standard enemies are minor foes that just have a standard health bar and are defeated by simply depleting their health.

Standard enemies include:

  • Draug - Corpses that have been reanimated to walk and await a second death. They are infections beings who rot can spread if not dealt with. They are known to gather where they originally died or where treasure is hidden.
  • Tyr's Foot Soldier - Skilled warriors who worshipped Tyr. The god of war conscripted them in his arm, leaving their bodies twisted and minds filled only with thoughts of violence. All memories of their former humanity have been purged.
  • Hel's Berserker - Unworthy dead condemned to suffer in Niflheim. Their punishment has left them broken and hopeless. Since triumph in life was impossible, Hel has offered them revenge in death.
  • Thor's Underling - Unskilled warriors who nevertheless died with honor and were deemed worth of Valhalla. Thor recruited among these ranks to serve as his army against the jotnar, endowing them with power and Asgardian weaponry.
Tyr Follower.jpg

Runic armor enemies[]

Enemies wearing runic armor cannot be harmed until their armor is destroyed. This is accomplished by building up the enemy's rage to maximum, baiting them into performing a signature attack. The hero then must parry this attack to stun the enemy, and at this point, the enemy's armor can be damaged and destroyed, allowing normal damage.

Runic armor enemies include several upgraded variations of basic draugar, Tyr's soldiers, Hel's berserkers, and Thor's underlings.

Some enemies have runic armor and must be parried to stun, then break their armor before doing damage. Runic Armor system can be turned off based on difficulty.


  • Fiery Vaettir - Powerful elemental spirits made of fire. Their nature eludes both scholars and skalds. While they seem to be guardian spirits, what they guard is often arbitrary fixtures of nature. This makes them useful pawns for more nefarious beings. Can be banished with an iron demon horn, crafted at the tavern, to clear the way.
  • Modgud - The terrifying guardian of the river Gjoll, deep within the most remote areas of Niflheim. Brave souls often try to get past her in a vain attempt to reach their beloved dead in Helheim, but she will let no one pass unscathed. Can be banished with a dark demon horn, crafted at the tavern, to clear the way.
  • Beli - A treacherous jotun who has joined Thor's forces. Ever the opportunist he began attacking the giant chieftains during a losing battle against the conquerors. He now acts as an insurmountable guard to strategic locations. Can be banished with a platinum demon horn, crafted at the tavern, to clear the way.

Mini Boss Enemies[]

Boss enemies are major foes that are much larger than typical enemies and have the ability to perform devastating attacks. Each has mechanics for several styles of attacks that must be avoided. Boss enemies are encountered during significant areas of the main quest line and as the 25th enemy during Valkyrie arena challenges. In order to finish them, once wounded enough, the player is prompted to use two hands to rip out a head, heart, intestine, or eyes as a finishing blow.

Mini Boss.jpg

Mini boss enemies include:

  • Draugar, Queen - A draug's rot erodes not just the body, but the soul as well. This can mutate draugar, increasing their size and strength. Such creatures are called "Queens" since they command lesser draugr. When enraged, it can use its glare to blind victims.
  • Tyr's Bruiser - A grotesque combination of multiple humans. It is immensely powerful and can wield fire magic to lob balls of flame at enemies. When enraged, it breathes fire.
  • Hel's Bane - Hel has a seemingly never-ending supply of horrors for her pleasure. One suc monstrosity is a hulking troll reanimated to torment the livin. Its axe has a blade of ice that can be used to conjure freezing attacks.
  • Thor's Champion - A demigod blessed with supernatural strength and cunning. Its hammer is not only a powerful bludgeon, but can be used to harness and unleash the power of lightning.


Boss fights are culminating battles during each saga that finish the arc for that hero. The active hero usually requires additional assistance from the player character, and unique game mechanics are used.

Boss fights include:

  • Tyr - A battle over Borgarholt Village
  • Dead and Giant Army - A battle at the gates of Niflheim
  • Hel - A battle for Brisingamin
  • Thor's Army - A battle for freeing the Jotun
  • Final Boss - No spoilers here
Boss fights typically require using your god form or aiding your hero