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Egil is a humanoid animal follower that can be recruited by the hero.

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Egil is a shark of the Brawler class. "A vicious brawler and bruiser. The unstoppable force of your team."

Discovered on the shores of the Stormlands. Although an obedient follower, Egil always seems to have an excess of energy, as if ready to slip into a frenzy at a moment's notice. Despite his penchant for carrion, his favorite treat is raw poultry.



  • Talent: Breach. "Point at a hanging corpse cage and Egil will leap onto it, acting as a counterweight."
  • Weapon: Dual swords.
  • Combat ability: Corkscrew. "Lunges forward with spinning blades." (Causes Bleed status ailment.)


Egil can be recruited at Stormborn Beach in Midgard.