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In Asgard's Wrath, it is possible to create new weapons and consumables via crafting, provided the hero has the right kind of materials.

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Crafting Locations[]

  • Sindri and Brokk (gear and followers)
  • Alodia (consumables)

Gear Progression[]

  • Weapons progress through normal, elite, hero, and legendary
  • Armors progress through normal, elite, hero, legendary, and champion
  • Gear progression happens linearly
  • The game provides enough rare materials to completely upgrade all weapons and armor

Follower Progression[]

  • All followers start at level one and can be upgraded to level four

List of Special materials[]

Primary special materials are key components for upgrading hero weapons and armor. They can only be obtained as quest rewards.

  • Skofnung Stone (Ingrid)
  • Sacred Amulet (Frodi)
  • Serpent's Venom (Stikkan)
  • Giant's Bone Shard (Risi)

Secondary special materials are uncommon items that can be acquired through completing quests and from chests. In addition, secondary special items can be farmed by completing the relevant Valkyrie Challenge once it becomes available in each hero's saga. Finally, after completing a hero's saga, their secondary special material becomes available in Alodia's shop.

  • Ruby Eitir (Ingrid)
  • Sapphire Eitir (Frodi)
  • Emerald Eitir (Stikkan)
  • Amethyst Eitir (Risi)

List of Animal Materials[]

Animal materials are key components for upgrading followers. Each animal material is only obtainable after transforming a follower of that species. There are two varieties of animal material: the basic form, which is a common drop, and the upgraded form, which is an uncommon drop and can be crafted using multiple basic materials.

  • Shark Tooth > Serrated Shark Tooth
  • Broken Turtle Shell > Pristine Turtle Shell
  • Eagle Feather > Perfect Eagle Feather
  • Broken Bull Horn > Pristine Bull Horn
  • Owl Feather > Wing-Tip Owl Feather
  • Bear Heart > Powerful Bear Heart
  • Frog Legs > Robust Frog Legs
  • Raven Claw > Hooked Raven Claw
  • Wolf Teeth > Sharp Wolf Teeth
  • Dragon Scale > Elder Dragon Scale

Animal materials can be acquired through completing quests and from chests. In addition, basic animal materials become available in Aegir's Tavern once you have transformed a new animal. Finally, animal items can be farmed by returning to the location you originally transformed the animal, to repeatedly kill more of them in god form. Each animal material can be upgraded into a superior version, which is required for higher level follower upgrades.

Lists general materials[]

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Crafting recipes[]

Item Materials
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