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Non-Playable Characters[edit | edit source]

Gods[edit | edit source]
  • Loki - An irreverent an capricious god. Although he is of giant parentage, he is the sword blood-brother to Odin, the Allfather himself.
  • Tyr - The god of war and heroic glory. Nowadays, Tyr is a tyrant, a wrathful god who rules the Stormlands with an iron-gauntleted fist. An ominous being of fire, metal, and pain.
  • Heimdall - The guardian of Asgard is renowned for her foreknowledge, eyesight, and hearing, allowing her to survey all Nine Realms. It is said that a blast from her great battle horn, Gjallarhorn, will call the gods to battle when the giants rise to arms.
  • Thor - The god of thunder. Cavalier and condescending, the famous son of Odin is a big man with an even bigger superiority complex. Not the brightest guy, either.
  • Hel - Daughter of Loki and queen of the underworld. She is incredible resentful about being relegated to Helheim and constantly plots to invade Midgard with her army of undead.
  • Freya - The goddess of love, beauty, and fertility is a war goddess in her own right, and divides the dead on the battlefields with Odin for her own great hall. Freyja wears the mysterious Brisingamen, a torc that bestows its wearer with immense power.
  • Odin - The Allfather and head of the Aesir. His ravens Huginn and Muninn gather information from all across the Nine Realms.
Tavern NPC's[edit | edit source]
  • Aegier - Although most giants are antagonistic towards the gods, Aegir has ingratiate himself to them by hosting elaborate parties, serving endless portions of his legendary ale. He prefers not to talk about the incident that took his limbs.
  • Sindri and Brokk - The dwarven brothers Sindri and Brokk have crafted some of the finest artifacts in the realms, including Thor's Mjolnir and Odin's spear, Gungnir. The physically imposing Sindri presides over the anvil while wiry Brokk tirelessly works the bellows.
  • Alodia and Aaru - The mysterious merchant hails from a faraway land. In her extensive travels she has encountered myriad cultures and procured many strange and useful items. Her loyal pet, Aaru, is a self-described gourmand.
  • Alvis, Zucot, and Mummite - A band of traveling entertainers who have set up a game of axe throwing. As a group, they seem very eager to demonstrate their bravado. Alvis in particular comes off so smug that even Zucot and Mummite seem to want him taken down several pegs.
  • Knut - A Mischievous water spirit and the local barfly. He looks (and drinks) like a fish but he's also a cunning gambler. Many have underestimated him and lost all their hacksilver in the process.
  • The Low Keys - A band made up of a flutist, harpist, and drummer. Although they hail from different realms, after finding each other they have become inseparable. Their jaunty tunes fill the mead hall with a jovial atmosphere.
  • Sveinn and Valdorf - Warriors who have courageously died in battle are brought to the great halls of Asgard. While it seems that they binge and gossip endlessly, they also prepare for the fated events of Ragnarok, when they will join the gods in battle against the giants.

Special[edit | edit source]