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Astrid is a humanoid animal follower that can be recruited by the hero.

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Astrid is an eagle of the Ranger class. "An adept ranger, enemies would find it easier to dodge the wind than her arrows."

Found soaring over the Borgarholt Fort, Astrid surveys the battlefield with her superlative sight before unleashing a decisive shot. Impatient, assertive, and supremely confident, Astrid is always ready for battle. Her favorite food is smoked fish.



  • Talent: Wind Gust. "Point at a windmill and Astrid will generate a gust of wind to propel it."
  • Weapon: Bow and arrows.
  • Combat ability: Wing Flap. "Ranged attack that knocks back foes." (Causes Freeze status ailment.)


Astrid can be recruited at Borgarholt Fort in Midgard.